Introduction and overview

You will almost certainly agree that memory and mental agility are absolutely vital to perform well in work, study and personal life.

Who are we if we have no memory? What professional avenues are open to us if we are not mentally agile? What enjoyment or achievement can be gained from life if we cannot recall and apply information?

The human brain is constructed to enable our memory and mental agility to grow. These assets are not linked directly to IQ or academic ability and whilst the effects of aging or specific illness can affect our performance, we all have the potential to improve and raise our memory performance.

Our memories are more adept than we think and most of us can develop memory further. The more practice you get, the more effective your memory and mentally agility will be.

The aim of this lesson is to highlight aspects of memory and mental agility that you may not have considered and thus assist you in improving your memory skills and mental agility. When you reach the end, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance and relevance of memory and mental agility to your role or your studies
  • Identify key facts about how the memory works
  • Practice techniques designed to raise your memory and mental agility performance

Throughout this lesson we will include activities, reflective exercises and testing to aid your learning. As you start this lesson it may be useful to remember this question:

What use would it be for me to improve my memory?