Introduction and overview

What is time management?

It is a common term used in the workplace but what does it really mean?

Well, time management is a bundle of different skills including:

  • Organisation and co-ordination
  • Prioritisation and goal setting
  • Self-discipline and self-management
  • Planning, monitoring and reviewing

Time management is about balancing, scheduling, being systematic and aware, keeping others up to date and ultimately, getting things done on time.

The principles of time management are discussed in this lesson in the context of learning, but they apply just as equally to the workplace. And of course, for many of us in the financial services industry, time management is often about balancing work, learning and family responsibilities.

When you reach the end of this lesson you will:

  • Know the importance of time management as a learning tool
  • Be able to discuss and select from a number of techniques for effective time management for learning
  • Know the process for setting goals
  • Know how to efficiently prioritise your learning activities