Introduction and Overview

Passing exams requires a whole range of skills – from time management and organisation, to reading, understanding and self-management – all of which we will address in the lesson. The aim of this lesson is to give you the knowledge to achieve the best possible performance in an exam. When you reach the end of this lesson you will:

  • Know how to structure your exam revision
  • Have tactics for managing the exam experience
  • Be able to call on a selection of good ideas for improving revision and exam performance

Much of this lesson will focus on preparation and planning because it is this – combined with the knowledge you acquire from your studies – that will stand you in good stead when sitting exams.

Remember that lesson learning is about acquiring new knowledge and that developing skills comes when you put this knowledge into practice. Throughout this lesson, we will include activities, reflective exercises and testing where appropriate, to aid your learning and develop your skills, but in the case of exam skills, there is no better test of skill than actually doing it.