Practical Tips for Improvement

Improving and developing mental agility and memory is like exercising for fitness. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Reading – literature (fact and fiction), newspapers, reports, etc
  • Watching or listening to documentaries or watching films and factual programmes
  • Socialising – learning about people, new ideas, different ways of doing things
  • Research – finding out new information and facts (this could include using the internet, attending seminars, presentations and training events)
  • Crosswords, quizzes, puzzles and other problem-solving activities – both written (number or word based) and practical (jigsaws, games, etc)
  • Participating in debates, discussions or other similar activities

When endeavouring to improve your general knowledge, it is helpful to use your preferred learning style, whilst by contrast, when seeking to improve mental agility, engage in activities that are not typical of your preferred learning style. This will naturally stretch your abilities and give you valuable practice in other styles of learning.