We have reached the final section of our reading skills lesson where we have included a table of do’s and don’ts.

Keep in mind why you are reading. You will get more done! Forget the reason you are reading – you will lose your focus and impetus
Study one or 2 books thoroughly Look quickly at several books
Switch from one way of reading to another when it is necessaryPersevere with an ineffective or unproductive reading style
Looking for ‘the meaning’ or how things workJust focus on remembering information
Work with the material, looking at how it fits together and applies to different circumstancesExpect to be able to use information you have read without understanding
Choose your style of reading to suit the task in handUse the same type of reading all the time 
Increase your efficiency by choosing a style of reading to suit your study or work taskThink that all books should be read in the same way

Now that you have completed this lesson you will be able to:

  • List and describe several different types of reading style and be able to apply the principles of each
  • Select from different types of reading to suit your circumstances and the material
  • Discuss methods of improving retention and comprehension from reading for either work or study purposes
  • Identify environmental factors that can improve reading performance

We hope you have enjoyed this course and found some useful tips to take away.